Am I a Candidate for Implant Dentistry?

Do I Need A Tooth Replacement?

Missing teeth can pose more serious problems than potential jokes or embarrassing smiles. Smile gaps can lead to gum issues and missing tooth roots can lead to bone deterioration and destabilization in the jaw. A dental implant, unlike a bridge or non-permanent solution, actually shores up the smile foundation and essentially fills the role of your natural tooth root — and does it remarkably well in fact.

If you need a permanent tooth replacement, implant dentistry may be a perfect solution for you. NYC dental implant dentist Dr. Marc Beshar can discuss with you the pros and cons of teeth implants versus other tooth replacement options.

Need a Tooth Replacement? Consider Midtown Implant Dentistry

Are Teeth Implants Necessary For My Lifestyle?

Implant dentistry offers phenomenal benefits to those who are candidates for the treatment. If you smile frequently or spend time in social situations, you will love the confidence you feel with teeth implants. You can enjoy all that Manhattan has to offer, whether with close friends and family or participating in the Midtown social scene.

If you want to eat and laugh and smile without worry of teeth falling out or large gaps appearing, teeth implants may be the perfect long-term tooth replacement solution for you.

Benefits of teeth implants:

  • Permanent Solution – Teeth implants are not something that need to be replaced regularly
  • Durable – Titanium alloy teeth implant posts are extremely strong and corrosion resistant (they’re not going to deteriorate any time soon).
  • Better for Face and Jaw – Because teeth implants fuse with jaw bone and tissue, they help maintain your face shape and strength, unlike other tooth replacement options.
  • Sturdy – Recipients of teeth implants love that they don’t have to worry about their teeth falling out on them or being too fragile.


Can I Afford Implant Dentistry?

Of course cost plays a significant role in your decision process in reference to dentistry. Implant dentistry is a often a one-time investment and should be looked at in that light. With that said, dental implant dentist Dr. Beshar has made it possible for you to recive top of the line implant dentistry for about half the price of what you may find at other practices.

For a more exact quote, you may need to visit us so we can properly assess your dental situation. Call us to schedule a tooth replacement consultation today! We are located in NYC in The Century Building at 62nd St, across from Central Park.