CEREC Same-Day Dental Crowns


CEREC stands for “Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics”, or “CEramic REConstruction”. Quite a mouth full, isn’t it?

The actual CEREC treatment is one the most remarkable advances in dental technology and we are so pleased to offer it to our patients. CEREC allows us to create custom ceramic dental crowns for our patients while they are in our office in Midtown.

What does this mean to you? We know our NYC patients are busy, and with CEREC they can receive impressions, have a permanent and high-quality dental crowns created and have them placed, all in one visit!


CEREC utilizes CAD (computer aided Design) and CAM (computer aided manufacturing) technology that enables Midtown dentist Dr. Marc Beshar to scan a three-dimensional image of your tooth, map it out on the computer, and then use the CEREC machine to literally create the ceramic crown in our Manhattan office.

The construction process begins with a “block” of high-quality ceramic composite that is sculpted (inside the CEREC machine) to match the three-dimensional crown model – and your natural tooth – created at the beginning of the process.CEREC dental crowns in Midtown in just one visit!


SPEED | CEREC “changes the game” in dentistry by allowing your Midtown dentist, Dr. Beshar, to not only create new dental crowns in one visit, but make beautiful, permanent dental crowns in less than twenty minutes!
AFFORDABILITY | After learning about the technology of CEREC one would expect a high price tag to accompany the treatment. Dr. Marc Beshar is able to offer the CEREC procedure to patients in Manhattan for a surprisingly affordable rate. Just call us for details.
DURABILITY | The top-quality ceramic we use is no wood block of wood or flimsy material. Your CEREC dental crowns will be very durable, fully functional and long-lasting.
CONVENIENCE | The dental crown process used to involve at least two visits to the dentist and wearing an imperfect and sometimes uncomfortable temporary crown between visits. Now you can walk in and walk out with a great looking, permanent crown.
Call our NYC office just off of Central Park and schedule a visit today!