Dental Implants


Sometimes a tooth root needs to be removed or replaced for any number if reasons. Titanium dental implants or mini implants are small apparatuses that are placed in the stead of the natural tooth root. This dental implant base settles and strengthens, becoming an excellent foundation to for a new dental crown, dental bridge, denture or partial denture. Dental implants can often last as long as you and enable you to live life -laughing, eating and smiling- with no fear of embarrassment from missing teeth or non-supported dentures.
Dental implant dentist Dr. Marc Beshar provides top-quality dental implant solutions to the wonderful people of midtown Manhattan for about half the price of competitors. If you find yourself asking “What are dental implants?”, call us and schedule a visit to learn more about them and if they are a great solution for you.

What Are Midtown Dental Implants?


Now that we’ve answered the question “What are dental implants?”, lets discuss the different types available. Dental implants are divided into two main classes: standard dental implants and mini implants. The diameter of the implant is the determining factor for the class the implant belongs too. Depending on your unique situation, standard or mini implants may be necessary. Dr. Beshar does a fantastic job in placing both. Standard implants are common for many cases, but sometimes mini implants are more beneficial. Some more mature patients may have experienced “resorbed” (atrophied/weakened) jaw bones which are unable to support a standard dental implant without bone grafts or other procedures. Mini implants offer the option to place a solid permanent tooth implant without the invasiveness that some patients cannot physically handle. Dr. Beshar will partner with you to determine the best course you should take and make sure you are thrilled with the results.


Our dental implants are made of titanium alloys. Titanium dental implants offer many advantages. Titanium is an extremely strong and durable metal. It is also wear and corrosion resistant. Titanium dental implants have an amazing ability to fuse with and become incorporated into your jaw bone making an extremely strong and durable foundation for your dental crowns or implant-supported dentures. This process is referred to as “osseointegration”.
If you are considering titanium dental implants, mini implants or just want to learn more, call and schedule a visit with Dr. Beshar today. We will be happy to answer your questions, such as “What are dental implants?”, and review the benefits that tooth implants may offer you in your life.